A girl named Elvis

I have always  been intrigued about artists and their muse. Stories about how that one person could give  a different kind of inspiration than the 'normal' inspiration could. I had never encountered it myself until now.


In the wonderful world of Instagram I came across MaandagDaandag and saw pictures of her children (and home, such a gorgeous happy home. It's been featured in Flow Wonen).  One of her daughters caught my eye and before I knew it, a whole series came rolling in my head.

All because of the pictures I saw of her daughter named Elvis. 


When I use other people pictures, I always ask for permission to show my work in progress on social media. The reaction of Daan and Elvis could not have been more uplifting. They gave me persmission to paint and show my work in progress. Now I'm even more grateful that they are ok with me painting a series around her!


When we see people we immediately have a first impression. Sometimes we look beyond it and find a completly different person than we thought. Or sometimes we leave it and don't wonder about it. What comes after the first impression, the little stories we tell ourself when we see someone walk down the street, those are the stories I'm interessted in. I have learned that if you only go on your own story you made up about that person, sometimes you miss out on what might ben an even more interesting story. 


You see, my father had long hair and an one earring. When people saw him walk down the street they called him a hippie. When it was me who listened to music from the 60th the neighbours thought it was my father who listed to it. Everyone had an image of him based on the way he looked. He was not a hippie, but a musician. He was home because he had a kidney disease and went to dialyses twice a week before he received a donor kidney. He was such a wise and calm person who thaught me that every person has his own story and to never judge on a first impression. Not even a book. 


Many years later I married my husband. He looks like a biker, bold head, always wearing sunglasses and apperently doesn't look that accessible. One day someone asked me how many tattoos he had. Not íf he had them, no, how many?  My husband doesn't have any tattoos and he doesn't ride a motorcycle. He prefers books and cats over people and we can talk for hours.


Those incidents make me smile and in a way are the base of this series. I want to paint portraits and then add text that give you a little part of the story that goes with that person. The rest is pf the story is up to you ;-) 


You might wonder, why Elvis. The answer is, I don't know. For this series she really is my muse. And I'm not trying to understand why. She just is :-)


If you're curious you can follow MaandagDaandag en Agirlnamedelvis on Instagram. 

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