Questions you might have

> When is your artwork available?

Once a month I update my Etsy shop with new work.


> Why is it only available once a month?

I want to protect the part of me who wants to discover and play with new ideas. 


> How will I know when your Etsy shop is updated?

You can sign up for my newsletter, I promise not to bombard you with emails. Just the one with the date and time in it, a reminder a day before it starts and maybe if I have some news to share, I might send you one as well.


> What if I see a watercolor creature and I can't wait because I want to give it for someones Birthday?

Then I can make a watercolor creature in commission for you, the costs in commisions are different thought.


> Do you take commissions (in opdracht)?

Not right now. I need more time to play :-)



> Why is everything in English? You are Dutch right?

Yes I am! Born in Scheveningen. For some reason I write easier in English than Dutch. Don't know why.

So if you write me an email or a DM through Instagram you can write it in Dutch as well.